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Daminelli mechanic components: pure technology.

Small, medium and large lots always find the right spot in the updated,
constantly renewed and particularly varied machinery pool.

A wide range of numerical control lathes, with fixed and sliding headstock, can
process any type of metallic and plastic material, in bars, from Ø2 to
Ø65 mm
; starting from a cut segment, we can turn up toØ130 mm max.

Many steps can be made directly on the NC lathes with power tools. Very complex parts of any shape are processed with the utmost precision on machining centres, horizontal and vertical, double pallet.
An equipped transfer department, with clamps and collets, can complete countless machining processes on both turned and forged parts. For large lots, part loading and unloading is automated.
We run grinding and lapping processes. We have an automatic, EDM
micro drilling machine to create Ø 0.1 a Ø 3.00 mm holesor a max
depth of 200 mm
on all metals.
We can make laser incisions with a latest generation NC marking machine. . Furthermore, we can assemble mechanical and electro-mechanical units in an equipped department that are tested according to customer specifications.

Daminelli srl

Complementary outsourced services

We have selected a wide ranges of suppliers to offer a finished product to all customers who desire: heat treatments, galvanising, electro-polishing, heat deburring, brushing/polishing, pad and screen printing.

Design engineering

We have dedicated a business division to engineering designs provided by customers..

We create prototypes, usually extremely helpful in assessing new business feasibility, upon request. Executive consulting makes us able to always provide the right advice, both during the development and production phases.

The production process

Attentive training, highly oriented towards professionalism and constant motivation make us a dynamic team, always ready to meet new challenges. We add the professionalism of a consolidated team that works and guides design and production processes to our love for technology, not only ensuring product quality but truly impeccable service quality.

The long quality chain

  1. 1. Engineering dept

    We produce the required technical documentation.

  2. 2. Quality control

    We control the design conformity incoming material.

  3. 3. Measuring room

    We prepare the machine and checkthe parts.

  4. 4. Production dept

    Production is launched only after written approval by the control operator.

  5. 5. Production dept

    We control the dimensions set by the Eng.dept. at a set frequency in order to guarantee maximum part conformity with the design.

  6. 6. Production dept

    We process the parts statically.

  7. 7. Quality control

    We controlled finished parts to verify thert perfect compliancewith the design.

  8. 8. Quality control

    We perform a final visual inspection with a microscop/magnifier.

  9. 9. Logistics

    The parts are packaged with careto guarantee absolute protection during transport.